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   Newflex s.p.a.   
     Founded in 1954, Newflex company, the leader of italian producers of venetian blinds, was the first industry to manufactured directly in Italy all the material necessary for the construction of venetian blinds.
In the beginning, the production of the blind was limited to 50 mm. but later on, when the use of venetian blinds began to spread into the home furnishings market, the whole series of 35 and 25/16 mm. was introduced, in order to grant all of our customers an upscaled product.
During the 50s, Newflex was only present in the italian market; today our customers are spread througtout the world. We deal with them both directly and through our agents.

Since 1998, Newflex has added wood venetian and vertical blinds to its production. These blinds can be sold to blinds' producers, to shops and to internal decorators. The wood venetian and vertical blinds can be sold also with particular mechanisms like motorizations, crank operated set and the endless cord system.

Newflex company works with its sister company Colorflex, the only european company that manufactures exclusively headrails and bottomrails in all the sizes of venetian blinds, in more than 150 coloures always available.
Our group is able to cover 100% of the market of venetian blinds.

The research and quality control center of Newflex has been created in order to improve the quality of our products.
From the careful preparation of the raw slats, which guarantees the weatherproof painting, up to the last processing phase: the slat bending, every passage is always under the control of qualified personnel and this allows us to offer an exclusive high-quality product.
Moreover, thanks to our warehouse, we are able to handle any order within a few hours.

   NewFlex s.p.a.   
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